Our Mission

The Paul Thacker Foundation was founded to help those with spinal cord injuries get back on their feet. That doesn't necessarily mean walking again but to get out doing the things they love pre-injury. Be it snowmobiling, biking, moto, etc etc. Since then the foundation has branched out to include our military veterans suffering from PTSD as well. Our returning veterans and the spinal cord injured share many commonalities in their recovery process. The goal of the foundation is to also inspire to a higher quality of life, help find equipment needed for rehabilitation, research and medical expenses. The average medical expense for a SCI patient is in the millions over their lifetime and there are currently over 6 million wheelchair bound people in the US alone. With a little bit of help from you, we can make a difference.

Direct Support

The easiest way to donate to the Paul Dean Thacker Spinal Cord foundation is through direct donation through our Paypal account. By clicking the button below you will be redirected to our Paypal. 

Online Store

Did you know that the PDT Foundation has its own swag for sale? Help out the PDT Foundation and show your support for Paul by heading over to his online store and picking up some apparel. Visit Store


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